What Your AC Technician is Looking At

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Whether your AC unit is on the fritz or you’re having a routine maintenance check done (which should happen twice a year!), you may wonder what your AC technician is looking at when they come to help. 

As your AC technician moves around the exterior and interior of your home checking on your HVAC and AC units, it’s only natural to show some curiosity as to what they’re doing. It’s even a habit to learn about the appliances in your home so you know how to take care of them properly and extend their lifetimes, and you can ask your technician questions about them. 

By the end of this article, you will know what your AC technician is looking at when they come to fix or maintain your HVAC or AC units. 

This is Exactly What Your AC Technician Checks 

When an AC technician comes to your home to check out your AC or HVAC units, they have a checklist of things to check. While the order and routine may differ, every AC tech should look at the same components of your unit. 

AC Unit Age

Unfortunately, our electric appliances don’t last forever. However, when well-maintained, your HVAC or AC unit can last up to 25 years

When an AC technician comes, they will likely ask how old the unit is to better understand its lifespan, which can influence its function. 

Air Filters

The air filters in an AC unit not only filter the air flowing through but also prevent debris and dust from entering the unit and interfering with the mechanisms inside. 

One of the main components your AC technician will check is the air filters. If they are old and dirty, they may replace them to keep your AC functioning optimally. 

Condenser and Evaporator Coils

The condenser and evaporator coils are responsible for expelling heat from your home and allowing cool air to move through. When debris, dirt, hair, leaves, and more clog these coils, it can restrict airflow, causing your AC unit not to work properly. 

Blower Motor and Belt

The blower pushes cool air through the vents or AC unit into your home. Dust in the blower’s motor or fan can limit the air flow. Your AC technician will also check the belt and may even lubricate it to move smoothly. 

Indoor Air Quality

Your AC technician may spend some time inside your home checking the air quality. If they find that it is hotter than your thermostat indicates or has high humidity, it can signal that something is wrong with your HVAC or AC and needs professional attention. 

Recent Energy Bills

Most homeowners rarely pay close attention to their monthly energy bills. With fluctuating rates and differing usage throughout the year, it can be difficult to tell if you’re spending more on your AC. 

Your AC technician may ask to see your energy bills from 12 months to verify if your air conditioning consumes more energy than it should. If this is the case, they can identify and fix the problem, saving you money in the long run! 

Call a Trusted AC Technician at Confident Comfort

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Our team of licensed professionals and specialists is equipped to check your HVAC and AC units to ensure they are working properly, providing high-quality airflow and not raising your energy bills. 

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