What Does HVAC Service Include?

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what does hvac service include

Have you ever wondered, “What does HVAC service include?” It’s a question we get quite frequently here at Confident Comfort, and it’s one that we hope to answer for you with this blog post. 

While technically there is a difference between the routine maintenance and actual servicing (i.e. repair) of HVAC systems, many people use the term “HVAC service” to mean the specific upkeep needed to ensure an HVAC system keeps working as intended. Indeed, the preventative measures covered by regular HVAC service calls are critical for maximizing the efficiency of an HVAC system and helping to extend its overall lifespan. Here’s what you need to know to answer the question “What does HVAC service include?”

HVAC Service Checklist

Like any piece of equipment, HVAC systems need regular maintenance in order to work effectively. What might be surprising for homeowners to learn, however, is how often this maintenance is required. For an HVAC system to function at optimal capacity, homeowners need to change their home’s HVAC filters at least every six months and hire a licensed HVAC technician to perform an HVAC tune-up every year. These two steps help safeguard the integrity of system parts and can ultimately save homeowners a lot of money. This is what a typical HVAC service includes:

  • Inspection of thermostat and adjustment (if needed)
  • Inspection of all electrical connections to verify stability and accuracy of readings
  • Inspection and cleaning of all coils, drains, and elements
  • Lubrication of all moving parts
  • Inspection of fans
  • Measurement of refrigerants to check for leaks
  • Testing of all safety controls
  • Inspection of all air filters and replacement (if needed)
  • Recommendation of repairs (if needed)

When to Schedule HVAC Service

As mentioned, HVAC service should be performed annually. In a perfect world, heating and cooling systems should each be examined in their off-seasons, when technicians are likely more available. Plus, scheduling HVAC service for air conditioning systems in the winter and service for heating systems in the summer means you can potentially avoid emergency situations when you need the various components of your HVAC system the most! Of course, if you experience any of the following issues with your HVAC system at any time of the year (regardless of your regular service plan), you should immediately book an HVAC service call:

Any of these problems warrant a professional check to prevent bigger problems and larger bills!

Want to Learn More?

Arranging a regular HVAC service call prevents costly system failures and frequently reduces your utility costs since routine maintenance keeps your system running more efficiently. It can also save you thousands of dollars for large repairs that often result from system neglect. To learn more about what HVAC service includes, please contact our team of licensed professionals at Confident Comfort.