The Ultimate HVAC Maintenance Checklist

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Your home’s HVAC system plays a crucial role in keeping your home comfortable and safe year-round. Regularly maintaining your home’s heating and cooling system is essential in ensuring that your HVAC unit operates efficiently in order to avoid last-minute emergencies or costly repairs. Wondering what to expect when scheduling HVAC maintenance? We’re here to help! Today, we are sharing our ultimate, expert-approved HVAC maintenance checklist to help you keep your home’s heating and cooling system in optimal condition.

Regular Inspections:

Hiring a professional to inspect your HVAC system regularly is crucial, as it allows an HVAC technician to check for visible signs of wear, corrosion, and leaks. On average, an HVAC inspection should be done at least twice a year.

Air Filters: 

To ensure optimal air quality and maximum performance from your home’s heating and cooling system, replacing or cleaning air filters monthly is crucial. Be sure to use high-efficiency air filters to improve indoor air quality, and consider air purifiers for additional filtration.

Thermostat Calibration:

Verify thermostat accuracy (and recalibrate if necessary). For additional energy savings, consider upgrading to a programmable thermostat.

Ductwork Inspection:

Regularly have an HVAC technician examine your home’s ductwork for leaks, gaps, or blockages (or do it yourself). Seal any leaks and insulate ducts to prevent energy loss. This is one of the simplest, yet most effective ways to maximize energy efficiency and reduce the possibility of issues with your heating and cooling system. 

Condenser and Evaporator Coils:

Clean coils annually to remove dirt and debris to ensure proper airflow around the outdoor unit.

Refrigerant Levels:

Check refrigerant levels and adjust if needed; address any refrigerant leaks promptly to avoid further damage or the need for additional repairs.

Electrical Components:

Inspect electrical connections and tighten them if necessary. Lubricate moving parts to reduce friction.

Safety Controls:

Ensure all safety controls are functioning properly during an HVAC inspection. Additionally, be sure to test your system’s emergency shut-off switch.

Inspect Insulation:

Check and replace insulation as needed. Ensure proper insulation in the attic and walls.

HVAC Maintenance from Confident Comfort

Regular HVAC maintenance is essential for extending your system’s lifespan, optimizing energy efficiency, and maintaining a comfortable indoor environment. By following Confident Comfort’s ultimate HVAC maintenance checklist, you can proactively address issues, reduce energy consumption, and enjoy reliable performance from your HVAC system throughout the year. 

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