How to Diagnose An AC Buzzing Sound

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ac buzzing sound

Hearing a loud, buzzing sound coming from your air conditioner can disrupt the peace within your home and lead you to feel stressed about the financial consequences of this abnormal sound. While an AC buzzing sound can be a cause for worry, this noise can typically be fixed with relatively little work. Keep reading to learn more about the potential causes of an unwanted AC buzzing noise and how to resolve this issue!

Common Causes of an AC Buzzing Sound

There are many issues with your home’s outdoor air conditioner that can cause an unwanted AC buzzing sound, including:

  • A Faulty Condenser Fan 

If the motor of your outdoor condenser fan is outdated or experiencing problems, a buzzing noise can occur while the fan is running. An AC buzzing sound can also be caused by an external electrical issue affecting the fan motor or debris inside the unit which can potentially cause an interference with the fan.

  • A Faulty Compressor 

An electrical issue with the compressor of your AC unit can produce loud, unwanted buzzing noises.

  • Isolation Feet Issues 

Your air conditioner’s compressor is installed upon rubber isolation feet, which can loosen or become damaged over time as a result of internal issues or normal wear and tear, in which case an AC buzzing sound can occur.

An AC buzzing sound can also be heard from within your indoor AC unit, often as a result of frozen evaporator coils. This occurs when ice has formed on the coils inside the central air system due to repetitive use over time.

How to Fix an AC Buzzing Sound 

An AC buzzing sound coming from your home’s outdoor air conditioner must be inspected and repaired by a professional HVAC technician

If your home’s indoor AC unit is experiencing an AC buzzing sound as a result of frozen cools, you can try to thaw your system. This can be done by switching your thermostat to “off,” allowing your AC unit to rest, and turning it off until the ice has melted. During this process, it is also essential to inspect your AC unit’s air filter and replace it if it is dirty. If your system freezes again and an unwanted AC buzzing sound returns, it is best to call a professional. 

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