The Answer to “How Often To Service My HVAC?”

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how often to service my hvac

Your home’s HVAC system is responsible for keeping your space cool and comfortable all year long. Servicing your HVAC system is necessary to keep it running smoothly and to avoid needing an expensive and time-consuming repair. If you’re like many homeowners around the country, you might ask, “How often to service my HVAC?” In this blog, we’ll provide the answers you need to keep your home’s heating and cooling systems running smoothly!

How Often to Service Your HVAC System?

Today, most high-quality HVAC systems are durable and designed to operate for years without any issues. Although these systems might be able to last over time, many HVAC experts agree that regular maintenance can keep them running even longer and can extend your HVAC system’s life! 

Ensuring that your HVAC system is still in excellent condition after a particularly busy season (such as the warm summer months, when you are likely to leave your air conditioning unit on for an extended period of time) is the key to ensuring that the system is free from damage and will resume running smoothly throughout the seasons to come. For this reason, it is recommended that you service your HVAC system annually

Reasons to Regularly Service Your HVAC System

There are numerous reasons why all homeowners should service their HVAC systems regularly. Some of the most important reasons include:

  • Extending Your System’s Life 

There is no denying that HVAC systems are costly – regular maintenance can extend a system’s life, effectively saving your household thousands of dollars on the cost of a replacement in the future.

  • Improves Efficiency

Routine HVAC maintenance allows professionals to inspect your system up close and ensure that air filters are replaced and working correctly to maximize the efficiency of your HVAC system and keep your home comfortable all year long.

  • Simplifies Repairs

When it comes to many common HVAC service issues, the earlier you identify a problem, the better. Routine maintenance can help professionals identify any issues within your HVAC system before they require a significant repair that could cost you more time or money.

Signs It’s Time to Service Your HVAC System 

Servicing your HVAC system annually is the best way to ensure your home’s heating and cooling systems are working correctly year-round; however, your HVAC system can also show signs that indicate additional maintenance might be needed. Some common signs that it’s time to service your system might include the following:

  • Reduced or Slower Performance
  • Inconsistent Cooling Throughout Your Home
  • Abnormal Noises
  • High Energy Costs
  • Smoking or Unpleasant Smells

And more. 

HVAC Maintenance at Confident Comfort

Whether you’re looking to undergo annual maintenance or need an emergency repair, Confident Comfort is here to help! We are passionate about giving homeowners the peace of mind that comes with a comfortable home. Contact us today to learn more about our HVAC maintenance services or to get a free pricing quote from a member of our team!