Advantages and Disadvantages of Mini Split Systems

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You want to feel comfortable in your home. You don’t want to freeze under a blanket during the winter or feel the sweat drip from your forehead during the summer months. 

Making your home as comfortable as possible throughout the seasons means considering the advantages and disadvantages of mini split systems. 

As the world’s temperatures continuously rise and the summers are becoming hotter each year, many households are considering adding ductless heating and air conditioning units. 

While there are many heating and cooling options out there, mini split systems are becoming more popular and convenient, especially for families living in older homes. 

As you consider what type of comfort system to install in your home, below are the advantages and disadvantages of mini split systems to help you make your decision.

What is a Mini Split System?

A mini split system is a ductless heating and cooling system homeowners can install in multiple rooms. Its flexible design allows you to choose where in your home you would like the heating and cooling system and benefit from its energy efficiency. 

Mini split systems are ideal for homes that do not have built-in HVAC systems and would like to switch away from AC conditioning units or old radiators. 

Advantages of Mini Split Systems

There are quite a few reasons why mini split systems are becoming more popular among households that prioritize a comfortable indoor climate. 

Multi-Zoning Capabilities

Since mini split systems are effective in individual rooms, household members can adjust their space to the perfect temperature at any given time. 

If you prefer a cooler room, but your child prefers their room warmer, you both can have what you prefer thanks to the multi-zoning capabilities of mini split systems. 

Easy Installation

Compared to installing an HVAC system in your home, the mini split systems are much easier and less invasive. The two-part system only requires some drilling, hole creation, and leading wires and tubes through the walls of your home. 

It’s also much faster to install, so you can have a cooler home in no time! 

Energy Efficient

Mini split systems are also much more energy efficient than other heating and cooling systems on the market. Designed with higher energy classes, homeowners also have the option to switch the system on and off whenever they want. 

The cooling and heating are almost instant and don’t need to be active all day long, saving homeowners money on their electricity bills.

Disadvantages of Mini Split Systems

As with all good things, there are disadvantages of mini split systems too. 


Unlike an HVAC system, you will be able to see the mini split system in your home. While the design is fairly sleek and could be almost unnoticeable, some homeowners may not appreciate the systems invasion into their carefully thought-out interior design. 

But, would you rather appreciate the beauty of your home or appreciate feeling comfortable in your home? 

Indoor and Outdoor Space

The mini split systems do require extra space in order to be effective. The two-part system will take up space outside of the home, directly against the side of the house, and in each room where you would like heating or cooling features. 

Limited Effectiveness in Extreme Temperatures

While mini split systems are very effective in keeping a comfortable climate indoors, sometimes they need a little extra help in extreme temperatures. 

If you live in extreme climates and are considering getting a mini split system, you may also want to consider an external radiator or heat or additional AC unit during those summer heat waves as supplemental comfort. 

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